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CiviCRM hosting and dependable support

Monthly support for all things CiviCRM to turn your data into fundraising results and improved workflows.

Missed Opportunities

Are you leveraging CiviCRM effectively to assist in meeting your goals?

Your organization’s CRM is at the core of your back-office operations. Seemingly endless functionality options and the ability to customize it means you have important decisions to keep it running smoothly with hygienic data to align with your nonprofit’s roadmap. 

The bottom line is your CRM must be a tool that works to build real social connection with your members and donors. 

And let’s be honest, you don’t have unlimited amounts of time. And you may not have the appetite for potential issues that a “trial and error” approach could get you. Opportunity costs are real costs. That’s why a trusted partner can work with you to realize fruitful opportunities and save time / money.

is your CRM,

Proactive Support

Reliability. Dedicated support. Peace of mind to do more.

I’m determined to change all that. Imagine advancing your goals with CiviCRM becoming your secret tool. You are empowered by mastering your system and when you aren’t exactly sure the best approach, you can simply get support and get back to going about your day. You started your work in the nonprofit sector to do more; if it feels like you are held back, it might be good idea to take action to change that soon.

Smooth and productive “sailing” feels good. Here are some common reasons why a proactive support approach can pay off many times over:

Flexible Plans

Dedicated support for your continuous improvement

Taking the smart, proactive approach gives you direct access to my quick and helpful support. Basically, I’ll be your go-to guy for all things CiviCRM. 

It’s no secret, we live in a world of specialization. That means every decision in how you allocate your time has an opportunity costs associated with it. Intuitively you get that it’s essential that you can stay laser-focused advancing your cause. To make this a happen, I partner with you to provide personalized support at the most important times. And while I do use a ticketing system, you can call or text me anytime during business hours.

I have a few plans that fit the common nonprofit CiviCRM support needs. Think of this as a technology translator and platform specialist enabling you to reach your goals faster.


$ 80
/ month
  • Managed CiviCRM hosting on a dedicated VPS
  • Proactive CiviCRM upgrades and to its extensions
  • Proactive WordPress upgrades and to its plugins
  • Uptime monitoring and ongoing CRM health check


$ 250
/ month
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Support by phone, text or video-conference
  • 5 hours of support
  • 48 hour response time
  • Monthly advisory meeting for getting the maximum out of CiviCRM

Pro Unlimited

  • Everything in Lite, plus:
  • "Drop everything" response time during normal business hours
  • Unlimited CiviCRM support

Support when it really matters

I want to partner with you to get results not “sell” you a tool and provide reactionary support. That means I take a proactive approach that goes beyond being an “IT mechanic”.

Want more control over how you get support? Then a Pro Unlimited customized support makes sense if you are looking for some, or all, of the following:

  • An extra “pair of hands” when in-house support isn’t enough
  • Unlimited advisement and support requests
  • Direct DM chat support
  • “Drop everything” response time
  • Higher availability with extended support hours e.g. need something resolved ASAP? (e.g. 10pm on a Friday night)

If any of that’s your case, then I end up creating a custom plan that fits your budget and needs exactly.

For the hosting component, all plans come with a dedicated 2GB RAM VPS hosting that suits most organizations. If your organization warrants an upgraded CiviCRM hosting plan because of high contact / relational data needs,  concurrent users or website traffic demands, it will somewhat higher than the above (custom quote).

Some Technical info if you're into that...

Andy took the time to fully understand our immediate needs and limitations. He also worked with us to develop a process to keep our short and long term development/features goals moving forward at our pace. This ensures that implementations done today also consider the impacts on future planned enhancements.
– Evan McMahon, LPIN
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