Straight talk for nonprofits

Thanks for perusing the blog. I offer nonprofit leaders like yourself genuine insights, advice, and stories that are based on my experience, not for search engines algorithms. By taking a few minutes each week I hope to offer a new perspective on how your technology aligns with your mission and empower you with continuous improvement towards your nonprofit operations and use of your CiviCRM data. 

After all, it’s about intentional action that will advance your cause.

It’s totally fine if you don’t, you could just bookmark this as I’m sure you have loads of email already. But if you do choose to subscribe, here’s what to expect.

You’ll just need to give a couple of minutes a week, and I’ll give you insights on nonprofit leadership, specific ways to improve your fundraising strategies, and level-up how you make use of CiviCRM as your cornerstone tool. Really, it’s that straightforward and simple. And if you want to unsubscribe at some point, no problem, I don’t bite.

– Tara DeSisto, Development Director
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