I help nonprofit leaders drive fundraising results and deepen their constituents relationship

Your nonprofit’s success depends on the right strategy paired with tailored tools to your unique way of working. That’s why I’m on a mission to help nonprofits streamline workflows and maximize their results using the best open source CRM for nonprofits in CiviCRM.

Everyone can benefit from a CiviCRM copilot so your data works for you.

Whether you’re a nonprofit that’s in need of a CRM or you’re running CiviCRM already, your social good depends on an effective use of technology to inspire, educate and build your community.

Are various data management barriers hindering your growth?

Is your data in several "buckets?"

Is your data scattered with everyone working in their own data silo? Annoyed with the time-drain that this inevitably turns into? Are you missing out on quality opportunities because of it?

Is it difficult to gather meaningful insights?

Do you have what feels like a spaghetti mess of data making it cumbersome to gain insights on what recruitment and fundraising strategies actually work?

Is your system keeping up with your requirements?

Do you face contact or user limits that stunt your growth? Are you outgrowing a restrictive system that limits features unless you upgrade to the "next plan" available? Unable to implement your ideas to manage data the way you want?

Start maximizing your efforts with CiviCRM

Most anyone can fiddle around with software.  Some people get their CRM working well enough mechanically. It’s another level to see the positive, concrete results you’re really after: membership and fundraising growth, committed advocates and a vibrant group of volunteers excited to carry out your mission. 

You know your CRM should be easy to send data into and get data out of.  Isn’t your cause too important to waste away time with ineffective systems or processes that hold you back?

So, if you’re passionate about moving to a new level of integrated and well-organized data without hassle, you’re in the right place. That’s why I work exclusively with nonprofits to develop your in-house CiviCRM expertise. Put together, this is what turns possibilities and today’s “what could be” ideas into significant results you and your members will be proud of.


Hey! I'm Andy.

I help nonprofits reach their potential as an expert in nonprofit strategy and CRM technology as a solopreneur. I bring a goal-oriented focus to systematize your team’s efforts as a CiviCRM platform specialist. 

In the end, it’s about creating a lasting impact to build your association or supporter base. You have the mission; I have the solutions and support to drive your forward faster.

With my years of hands-on experience working with nonprofits, I have valuable insights and expertise to help you make meaningful progress. Here’s some key points:

powering possibilities with open source tools

Open source technologies deliver feature-rich and extensible solutions no matter the size of your budget. Control your data and craft a system to achieve your mission: more members, more donors, lives changed and constituents who are eager to spread your message.

Andy took the time to fully understand our immediate needs and limitations. He also worked with us to develop a process to keep our short and long term development/features goals moving forward at our pace. This ensures that implementations done today also consider the impacts on future planned enhancements.

– Evan McMahon, LPIN

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