Nonprofit leaders now more than ever need mission-critical tools to make effective use of data. Their overall success simply depends on it. And there’s a seemingly endless amount of CRM options you could choose from. This can be even a greater challenge for small to medium sized nonprofits on tighter budgets without the in-house technical know-how to put you on a solid foundation that meets your needs.

Here’s some common scenarios that I’m on a mission to fix.

  • Is your data scattered with everyone working in their own data silo?
  • Do team members complain about incomplete data that makes it harder to do their jobs?
  • Does it feels like a spaghetti mess of data making it cumbersome to gain insights on what recruitment and fundraising strategies actually work? 
  • Do you face contact or user limits that stunt your growth? 
  • Are you outgrowing a restrictive system that limits features unless you upgrade to the “next plan” on offer?

It doesn’t actually have to be this way. By carefully planning out a data management system for nonprofits or re-assessing an existing CiviCRM installation, you can save countless hours, multiply your donor giving potential and retention rates and ultimately make a difference in the cause you and your supporters care about!

That’s why I focus exclusively on maximizing your nonprofit’s impact by aligning your strategy, people and processes with the number one open source CRM in CiviCRM. I focus on providing a personalized approach to understanding the unique dynamics and ultimate goals of your organization.

You could work with another agency or other specialist, so why partner with me?

I have a track record of delivering results and going beyond expectations. I am more than a technology partner, but a proactive nonprofit expert that will continue to ask deeper questions so your CRM is following a clear, long-term plan. With 10 years of CiviCRM experience and cross-skilled with nonprofit leadership, fundraising and community organizing, I put several puzzle pieces together to create a lasting impact to build your association or supporter base. 

On top of this, as a soloist I am flexible for each nonprofit. That means I will smoothly integrate with your existing team and other specialists you may already have, including web designers, system administrators or general in-house IT staff.

You have the mission; I have the solutions and support to drive you forward faster.


– Andy Burns

...That nonprofit CiviCRM guy

Want to connect? You can find me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter and read my latest commentary on my blog or partner with me to drive fundraising results and deeper constituent engagement for your nonprofit.

I currently live in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida and enjoy hiking, traveling abroad and hanging out with my dog as much as possible. I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in Organizational Management and am originally from the frigid tundra of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

My work in numbers


Data migrations from systems such as NationBuilder, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AirTable, hand-rolled systems and a heap of spreadsheets.


The number of years I’ve had focused work with CiviCRM and data management projects.


The maximum ongoing projects I’ll ever take on at one time.

a short history of my experience

Ever have that deep sense of purpose where you immerse yourself in a project and go all in? Luckily for me, that’s what drives me everyday and, sometimes, even keeps me up at night. Tackling those difficult problems nonprofits face from a calm and strategic mindset that turns passionate nonprofit leaders into impactful changemakers.  

For this reason, and many others, I ‘m a prefect fit within the nonprofit sector. The people, the passion, and the desire to contribute to something greater than ourselves is a non-negotiable for my work life.

Initially, I went down a path in the political grassroots scene to develop a diverse skill set including fundraising, communications, and wrangling data and building websites.

During this time, I took on the responsibility of organizing a state-led organization proposing the creation of a new Executive Director position. Thriving in this start-up environment, I established branding standards, a cohesive organizational structure and effective programs to achieve new heights of success in member growth, fundraising and volunteer action.

Inspired by these experiences, I knew it could become something more so I began assisting similar organizations across the country. It was through this journey that I discovered my true calling: empowering nonprofits with technology, training, and tools that enable them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

I specifically found open source tools like CiviCRM and recognized the immense potential of data for organizational growth. Although I had a good deal to learn initially, over the course of 10 years, I increasingly found my place as a bridge between in-house staff and the CiviCRM community and it’s developers.

Fast forward to today, and I have collaborated with many other CiviCRM partners on a variety of developments, worked on complex multisite implementations and actively contribute to the CiviCRM project on GitLab and StackExchange. I’m currently the Marketing Group lead working to promote the CiviCRM project effectively, resulting in a healthy, growing ecosystem so CiviCRM can advance thousands of organizations all over the world no matter the size of their budget. 

So enough about me. What does this all mean for you? I take my CiviCRM and nonprofit leadership experience to transform ambitious ideas and goals into actionable plans that move the needle. I do this through detailed project management and responsive communication, low to no code implementations, process improvement, comprehensive data migrations, and leveraging the powerful yet easy to use WordPress with CiviCRM integration.

You have the mission; I have the solutions to drive your forward faster. Feel free to drop me a line to see if we’re a good fit to partner together. Talk soon…

My values


I’ve been in the nonprofit technology sector for 10 years that spans key roles from technology implementer to fundraiser.


If there is something that won’t actually deliver the results you want or isn’t the right fit for me, I will tell you.


I’ll show you exactly the work I did and foster learning. You’ll have clear reports on what work I did and why.

– Dan Fishman, Executive Director
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